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Two Sides of October 4

Nanako Dojima’s birthday  |  October 4th Mission


An even bigger and cleaner image of the Persona 3 movie #1 cover than originally posted


Source: Persona 3 Portable 4Koma Gag Battle
Artist: Hiromi Taihei
Translation: flamingo-bubbles

*Additional Translator’s Note: The original team that translated and localized Persona 3 Portable changed ‘Omelette Rice’ to ‘Fried Rice and Omelette’. I went back to the original term simply to have what was written on the omelette in ketchup match what the FeMC said at the beginning, since that’s a large part of the joke.

nearu-senpai: I agree. Naoto needed a change in style because her moves in the previous games were kinds Meh. Rushed. But now she has more edge and I love it.

Fairly sadden by the voice changes in some characters, but the game overall is very good.

So… How ‘bout that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax?

What are your thoughts? Submit an Ask.

formerniceguy whispered this is exctly what I was looking for in a persona fan blog. you're amazing.

AH! Thank you so much. I’m so glad to hear that. Truly makes me thankful in making me this blog.

I got my copy of Persona 4 Arena Utlimax today. Haven’t played it yet, but since I pre-ordered it, I got this inflatable Teddy and larger-than-playing-card tarot cards.

Can’t wait to play!

Any of you gotten copy of the game? Tell me your experience of it. Likes? Dislikes? What can be improved? Leave an ask and let us know!

- Admin Kayumi


I saw Persona 3 The Weird Masquerade: The Ultramarine Labyrinth on Sunday. It was great! The quality of everything was so much better than the first one. The set, the lighting, the singing, everything was amazing! I got some awesome swag too. DVD preordered for 1/28.

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